Friday, May 25, 2018


Photographer: Carlton Hart

Vintage: Jumpsuit
H&M: Sweater
Jessica Simpson: Jacket
Gigi Pip: Hat
Forever21: Bag

Hello All,

Short and sweet tan all the way. Have a good Memorial Weekend!!!

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Sunday, April 15, 2018


 Photographer: Carlton Hart 

Gap: Jacket 
NY & Company: Jeans & Sweater
Public Desire: Booties 
Forever21: Bag 
Hello All, 

Winter is over and summer/spring is here. I'm still sad summer/spring is in affect. here's some photos I did with my amazing photographer back in January. I seriously love this look such a classic and comfy look. Can't go wrong with boyfriend jeans and bomber jacket from GAP

See you next time! 

Fashion Love 

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Who doesn’t love brands you can feel comfortable in. I love lush fashion lounge an online boutique that caters to women that want affordable apparel. But yet they can look chic, cool, and sophisticated. 

I love the lush fashion lounge I’m allabout comfort finding items that I can still look comfortable and cute. During the cold weather, I don’t want to bundle to much. I found this coat that has furry material in the inside. Believe me it keeps me super warm. I decide to pair it with my Who wear boots for a pop of color. 

Photographer: Seda G 

Lush Fashion Lounge:Jacket 
Nordstorm Rack:Jeans 
H&M:Striped Top
WHO WHAT WEAR: Velvet Booties 

Second look from Lush Fashion Lounge was a burgundy velvet skirt. I love this skirt I feel like you can wear during the summer time with a cool flowy top. It’s such a versatile skirt that you mix and match patterns or wear it with another velvet top which will make this look so royal!!!

Photographer: Carlton Hart 

Lush Fashion Lounge: Velvet Skirt 
Thirft Store: Jacket 
Steve Madden: Velvet Booties 

Third look from Lush Fashion Lounge was a tulle i picked a teal color and paired it with a velvet green dress. What’s fun about this look adding under dress over the tulle. Really gives my look a completely different look!!! I  kept everything neutral adding just a pop of color. It really spiced up my look and gives funky feel. 


Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Photographer: Hannah C 

Akira: Jumpsuit 
H&M: Shoes
Ross: Sarong 

Hawaii is the ultimate vacation place to relax....key word relax!! I seriously love the air was so cool and refreshing. People in Hawaii are so laid back they take their time. Let’s say, they have an appointment at 5pm it’s more like they arrive exactly at 6pm. They call it here I’m on “Hawaii Time”. I think spending time with family was the highlight of my trip. Especially you live your life and how as a youth to an adult you’ve completely changed. It’s so different I like seeing how my family has grown definitely my cousins. Wishing we had more time to spend with them! 

I really need to make more time to go on vacations,I think this was the best vacation yet. I want to take more time to explore different countries. I think my next stop is Paris!

For my look, I received this jumpsuit from Akira. It’s flowy with it’s light fabric makes it the perfect jumpsuit for Hawaii. I like akira clothing they have a wide selection of women apparel. By looking on the website you can pick that best item that works for you and your body type. I paired it with a sarong it totally compliments my red look. If you don’t have a sarong you definitely need to get one now!!! 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Photograpger:Hannah C

What I Wore:
SugarFix at Target:Earrings 

I had an amazing time in hawaii.I went for my cousins wedding,knowing me I had to explore the city of Kailu-Kona,HI. It's a small town with alot to explore. 

I had way to many Pina Coladas must say those pineapples are super potent making this drink super tasty! The food is always fresh I feel like how the food is prepared they use fresh fruits and vegetables.It makes your meal so enjoyable,maybe because I really love food that's probably why!?!?!

We went to cool hawaiian museum called daughters of hawaii, I was so mad cause I couldn't take any photos. Otherwise, it gave the history of queens and princes of hawaii. throughout the museum it showed how they lived which was interesting a lot of artifacts we use today like the dumbells to exercise with, spears made out of wood, huge mortar  used for cooking and spices. This musuem was such an educational experience learning the heritage of the hawaiian people.

The highlight of my trip,I went to the volcano but it didn't erupt just blowing out smoke. The volcano is a tourist attraction! 

So for my look,I got this skirt from Akira an online fashion website.I knew it would be perfect for my trip to hawaii. It has such cool textures to the skirt that make it so appealing to my body type. I paired it with a one piece that I got at Forever21.I like how this look came together making it the ultimate beach look! 
Monday, January 1, 2018


Nordstrom: Gown
NARS Cosmetics: Red lip
JustFab: Clutch Bag
Forever21: Choker and Necklaces
SugarFix by Baublebar: Fringe Earrings

Hello 2018!!!!
This year let’s talk about it! Don’t run after things..what does that mean after a job, opportunties and even a man. If I try at least two times I’m done. Never doubt yourself..if people have an opinion about you. Let them cause that means they have issues.

Surround yourself around friends that actually really give a damn about you. If you see something you don’t like... it’s like relationship just run away. Oh yeah love yourself and be confident...not everyone is going to like you....a nice quote that made me laugh related to this it might mean your overqualified. So I’m overqualified literally!!!!

Don’t waste time on anything. I wish I didn’t waste. Don’t overthink and analyze situations. I’ll sit there and talk to my friends about guys. I think someone likes me and they honestly don’t like me. I keep talking about I know when guys like me they actually communicate and want to be my friend. Man can I just have friend. I don’t want a relationship I want a friend and best friend at that. Oh well just keep trying till I find my friend. Right?!?!?!

I’m going to travel more even if it’s 2 to 3 days. I’m going to get more into travel vlogs  I’m creative and this will help me to explore in directing my own videos. So I’m director you’ll!!!
I’m going to bring more to the blog with adding more of a lifestyle feel with food (I seriously like to cook especially creating my own recipes) and travel. I hope that I can be persistent about my goals. This blog has been my life for 5 years I think another year I can continue to have this blog in my life. Love you FITSONME. 

I hope that you can continue to tune in into my blog.  Definitely send me an email with encouragement and giving me advice. Be my friend this year!
So cheers to 2018!!!!

Fashion Love