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Monday, November 16, 2015


Hello Happy Monday! So I had the chance to try out XOXO Sugar. XOXO Sugar company is all about using pure and real ingredients to replenish your skin. They take pride in using handmade batches from scratch that leave your skin feeling rejuvenated.

I used their bronze body shimmer makes my skin feel smooth not only that it smells good too!  I tried Pink Lemonade Lip Palm it’s perfect when my lips became dry immediately it lasted all day. Acai Berry Body Butter so better than the coco butter it kept my skin feeling hydrated. The benefits of the Acai berry are best known for their anti-aging but it helped regenerate my skin, giving it a healthy glow. Definitely, you should try XOXO Sugar such great products for your skin!!! 

See you next time!!!

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Monday, November 9, 2015


Photo by: Meke Findley 

Hello Happy Monday! I had the opportunity to work with Makeup Meltdown, this brand is about getting the best service to their clients. First off Aleah Rae Dorsey the owner of Makeup Meltdown ask me several questions to get an idea of what lipstick would be right for me. Once, I knew what color that I wanted...I needed to find the right color for my complexion. She sent me several sample shades that I could chose from. I already knew that I wanted a darker color burgundy shade. She still was consistent in asking more questions and following up with me. To make sure that if I did like this color did I want it to be lighter or a much darker shade. At the end of the day, Makeup Meltdown is about giving the client the right shade that works for you!!!!!!! It helped cause as soon as I put on the lipstick, it was exactly what I was looking for. Which made me satisfied with the results. With all that effort, Makeup Meltdown is giveaway way a free lipstick to one lucky follower...So definitely enter in the Makeup Meltdown Giveaway going on from 11/9-11/19/15. 

Giveway Rules: 

1. the giveaway is only available to residents of the US, UK or Canada
2. Requirement for entry is FOLLOWING @meltyourmakeup on Instagram and Twitter

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Sunday, November 1, 2015


Target: Dress 
Vintage: Jacket & Bag
Forever21: Sunnies  
JewelMint: Necklace
Justfab: Booties 
Nars Cosmetics: Lipstick 

Happy Sunday!!!! I hope you're having a good Sunday evening. Here's my recent post, I hope you enjoy!!!

See you next time!!! 

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Photographer: Matt Dixon 

HM: Dress 
Payless: Shoes 
Vintage: Belt 

Hello Happy Wednesday! I hope your doing well! This is one of photo shoots I did a while back in the summer. Enjoy! 

See you next time!
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Thursday, October 15, 2015


Photographer: Matt Dixon 
Forever 21: Jean Vest & Sunnies 
Liberia: Skirt
JewelMint: Necklace  
JustFab: Sandals 

Hello Happy Thursday! I know fall is here, but I did this photo shoot during the summer time when it was still hot outside. My outfit choice was centered around this Liberian skirt but pairing it with neutral colors. I like how African print is so bold and can go with pretty much anything. You have to be careful not to look tacky playing around with the hues and textures of these unique prints! You see Solange Knowles wearing African print making it the most trendiest print to wear. I like how Solange pairs her African print with any color of shirt, blouse, tank top, blazer or jacket making it more modern! 

Whether what nationality, you can wear African print being the ultimate looking Afro-central chic!

How do you rock your African print?
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Dress Top: Calvin Klein
Skirt: Target 
Jacket: Karen Millen
Necklace: Aldo 
Shoes: Justfab
Clutch: From Kenya 

Hello Happy Wednesday! Sorry for the delay! I hope you we're waiting for this post! I had so much fun with my photographer we chose to go to the  US National Arboretum. This place was garden like but in a sophisticated high fashion feel. I kept my outfit in monochrome cameo, I'm so into this trend now. I really wanted to play around with this look with different shades that we're similar tan and cameo. Plus, my jacket adds a fun element by bringing the look together. To top off the look, I kept my shoes a neutral scheme, since I had grey in my necklace I knew my grey pumps would work!!!!

Honestly, I can say I had fun shooting this look. It was funny this place had crowds of people  taking photos with their family, one family a couple with their daughter we're looking at me and said "Pocahontas Fashion". I was like funny!?!? But you know, I'm going with Pocahontas Fashion. so bring out your Pocahontas self and making it the way you want to wear your Pocahontas style. I know I'm going to wear this look out!!!!!! 

See you next time!!!!!

 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png
Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Photographer: Carlton Hart

H&M: Jacket 
Kirkland: White Tee 
APAR: Skirt 
Shoemint: Jewelry 
Shoes: Borrowed from blogger Mari2Style

Hello Happy Wednesday! I'm finally back from blogging great break!!!!! I went to #NYFW two weeks ago. I feel like I'm a veteran of #NYFW as my third time going I've learned so much. Starting the process of writing fifty pitch letters to all the designers showing this season...to not getting no response..... to getting we have no space to accommodate your request, really?!?!.... to getting into a few shows.....A lot of rejections but still having a good experience regardless! 

DAY:1 I got off the bus trying to make my first show (what was I thinking carrying all my luggage). I didn't make it by the time I got there the show was over..errrr! So, I reserved an apartment on airbnb. When I arrived getting there realizing my photograph and I (follow him on instagram @carltonhartimages) we're in the wrong apartment cause we had the same key as the tenant (Definitely use airbnb minus this incident I've had good encounters. Seriously if your literally traveling in the US or worldwide you can find a spacious apartment for your stay). 

The evening was spent with fashion bloggers @mari2style, @loveabike @carltonhartimages going to 14th Street-Union Square finding some food in Whole Foods. I love meeting new people that was my first time meeting these two bloggers they very entertaining and interesting...so full of life! Our experience together was extremely interesting but feeling comfortable with them for the first time was a good thing....I felt like I could tell them anything. We hanged out at a club cause we couldn't get into Stevie Boi show, I guess he's getting too popular now! Leaving and heading on the train for a couple hours due to single tracking. What a day!!! 

See you next time for DAY 2!

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