Sunday, March 3, 2019

Paris Fashion Week Day 4

Paris Fashion Week has been very mellow for me this season. I really have experienced not only fashion but the city. I think that when we have an agenda in my mind we make a list to do this and that. We usually don't do anything on our agenda. I spent hours trying to get my agenda in order for Paris fashion week and leisure. The only thing I did on my agenda was going to my favorite place the Galeries Lafayette the big mall in Paris. It's literally my go-to for getting all my eating, shopping, and souvenirs. As my time comes to an end in Paris, I only have one more night.  And I'm going to live it up! I seriously don't want to leave! 

Violet Dc: JAcket 
H&M: Striped Jacket & Dress 
Sam Edelman: Boots 
Forever21: Belt 
Nordstrom: Beret 
Friday, March 1, 2019

Paris Fashion Week: Day 3

Hello All, 

What I love about Paris Fashion Week is that I can literally emulate Parisians style to my own style. Even though my style is simple I can pick a trend by incorporating within my wardrobe. It's a real skill! For my look, I wore Eva Mendes pleather green skirt that I adore. I was searching and searching for where I could find a green jacket that can go with this skirt. For real, I didn't need to go far. I had this jacket from the gap which was not the same green. On the runway, I have seen the trend where some fashion collections aren't doing the matchy-matchy looks. There picking colors in the same or in a similar color family. Guess what?!?! I saved my money by using my leafy green jacket from Gap which is comfortable and warm. 

I love that I could wear this look all day! I had my edgy sparkly booties that were super stylish. I got so many compliments from Parisians that wanted to know where I got these shoes. They were so surprised I got them on sale from Aldo. Nice right! I had my go-to lace top from h&m. For this fashion week, I learned that I can wear a lot of my stuff in my closet just making my whole look super new. Now it's your turn, Go out there and shop your closet! 

Gap: Jacket 
H&M: Top 
Aldo: Booties 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Paris Fashion Week: Day 2

Hello All, 

Fitsonme is in Paris and trying to bring it with the fashion. I was nervous I wasn’t going to get into any shows. Luckily, I ended up getting into two fashion show and it was amazing. Now for the rest of the week I have presentations. I learned that you have to start somewhere. It’s not easy getting into the fashion shows in Paris, I emailed almost  25-30 shows. And only received 2 invites, if your starting out going to fashion week abroad. You have to be patient it takes time to build your repoar with the public relations agency. 

Some tips:
1. Post content immediately-If you do get content from the fashion shows post your content immediately. The brands want to see their collection being promoted. 

2. Hashtag and Tags- use the brands and hashtag. The brands needs to see which attendees are posting about their brand.  

3. Be patient- if a brand doesn’t know you. Make them know you this gives you reliability and presence. Because your the new kid on the block and it’s your first day. So put your name out there! 

4. Build relationships- I learned that most individuals in the fashion industry are trying to do the same thing as you. So work together to help one another build their brand. As your trying to build your brand too. 

5. Have fun- if you don’t get into shows explore invites with showrooms and presentation. There’s so many opportunities in Paris that are awaiting you. So go out there and have fun! 

For me, I have what it takes. I know that I can make it in Paris it will take sometime. I’m willing to put in the work. 

As for my look, I got this 3-piece outfit from New York & company from Eva Mendes line. I’m in love with this look. It’s super comfortable and works well with my body type. I really lucked out I got this 3-piece look for only $50 what a steal! Check out more looks during my week of Paris Fashion Week! 



New York & Company by Eva Mendes: 3-Piece Set 
Sam Edelman: Boots 
Burlington Coat Factory: Beret 

Monday, February 18, 2019


NYFW has been fun! I wasn't going to go this season. I couldn't miss the action! I met up with new friends and hanged out with old friends. It was super exciting to go NYFW it's compared to going to the first day of school, but I'm not the new kid on the block. I was supposed to go NYFW with my friend wasn't able to go...I went sole this time! Which is super tough not finding someone to take your photos. lol

 Luckily, I found other bloggers that stood around taking a selfie picture. That's what can spark up a conversation. We saw her struggling taking her own photo, we asked, "hey you want us to take your photo?".  You know what that's totally how you end up networking with other bloggers. When I first started blogging, I was a real introvert but I've ended up getting out my shell. It takes a confident person not to care about what people think. Going to fashion week has given me that confidence not to really care about other peoples opinions. Cause why do we care about other people's opinion. It's really are human nature to take care.

Let's talk about fashion. The fashion was through the roof. With a mix of everything on the runway there was a little something for everyone this season. From those who want sophistication, suits, flowy dresses, and silk—from colorful coats to good night out look. And for those who prefer something a bit more subtle, there were different types of jackets which are the classic winter essentials. 

In fashion, what's so interesting that everyone is trying to do the same thing..wearing the coolest outfit and trying to get into the hippest fashion shows. Honestly, it's so worth it to go these shows gives you the best insight to put together that next outfit. Check out my look, How do you think I styled this look?

Photos by: Denton Taylor 

Vintage: Jacket & Skirt 
Jessica Simpson: Boots 
Forever21: Bag 

Thursday, November 29, 2018


Do you love meatballs? Well you might want to stop by at the Meatball Shop in DC. It's in a cool hip area downtown on 14th street.

The meatball shop back story:

Co-owners Daniel Hozman and Michael Chernow at first weren’t the best of friends but became friends because of their mothers. Over time they built a friendship as well as a partnership. After some time, they came up with an idea to have some sort of restaurant. In 2010, the meatball shop was born; from there they’ve opened other locations in NYC on the lower and upper east side, Williamsburg, and Washington D.C. As you know, meatballs are the #1 staple for American/Italian food. Daniel and Michael believe that it’s easy to make meatballs and that “anyone can make meatballs” especially in their own home. Honestly, who doesn’t like a good meatball!
Eight years later, still going strong by focusing on the core of their restaurant which is customer satisfaction they are continuing to build a culture that improves the way they do business. It’s hard to deny that The Meatball Shop has evolved as one of the NYC staples. 
The restaurant atmosphere:
Now, if you go into the meatball shop in DC the atmosphere is friendly and you’ll feel right at home. It’s one of the best place to hang out with your gals friends for good ole brunch or even happy hour! The hostess and waiter are fun and bubbly making your experience worthwhile. The interior is nice, clean, and all about the wood with hardwood floors and accent wood around the restaurant. The host immediately greets you right at the door and seats you in a nice sitting area. Like I said you’ll feel right at home!

The food and desserts:

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty…the food. As it was my first experience, the waiter walked me through the menu I could build my meatball bowl so there was a variety of options to choose from. The menu is broken up in a way that makes it easy for you to build your meatball. You can either choose a meatball’s basically “what are you in the mood for?” You can choose from a variety of meatball dishes either a classic to pesto dish with a side of vegetable, bread or spaghetti. Whether you like your food hot or mild they can provide you with an option of a side of spicy pepper to add to your dish. For my dish, I choose a classic meatball with a tomato sauce and a side of broccoli, spaghetti, and bruschetta. The meatballs were cooked just right and had a nice texture that melts into your mouth. The taste was flavorful with enough tomato sauce on my meatballs. The presentation of the food was clean and well prepared. It was super yummie!!!

I couldn’t resist…before my meal I got an appetizer of six mozz ball (fried cheese balls) with a sweet tomato sauce it was so yummie! That sauce is really on point. Then for my drink, I decide to get a cocktail called fool-aid punch; it honestly tasted like grape juice with a splash of alcohol. My friend Toyin Harris from “the curvey cookie” ordered a slider trio with half vegetarian and half meat. The appetizer is just enough to fill you up, if you’re in the Mood for something light and small.

For dessert we had the special, hazelnut ice cream sandwiched between chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies which were soft and chewy. Can I tell you I was in heaven? It was the right dessert to complete my meal. The ice cream is creamy and decadent that will melt right in your mouth. It was simple but yet the best dessert I’ve had in a long time!

Photographer: Carlton Hart

 All-in-all I had a great time and found a new spot to share with my friends and family. I enjoyed my dish, the classic meatball! I hope to go back to the meatball shop again!

Follow the meatball shop @meatballers or check out their website by clicking here

Fashion Love,