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Friday, September 30, 2016


PHOTOS BY: Carlton Hart 

Vintage: Dress 
Who What Wear: Cape Jacket 
NYS Collection: Sunnies 
Doll Kills: Booties 
Forever21: Choker 
NYX Cosmetics: Lip 

Hello Happy Friday! As NYFW is over the trends the fashion the looks..are still coming. II tend to be very conservative not really showing too much skin or wearing things out of the ordinary...I decided to switch up my look but adding these clear booties...let me tell you they we're a hit...My go to is wearing all black by adding a pop of color really gives my look a booster...because what if i wore all black with black pumps the look would look blah...I think it's good switch up your look not wearing the same thing every single time...

Definitely try wearing different kind of shoes with your look!?!?!

See you next time!!!! 

 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png
Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Photos by: Mauricio Jorquera

Nordstorm Rack: Vest, Jeans & Shoes 
Apardesigns: Choker  
NYS Collection: Sunnies 
Sephora: Red lip 

Hello! Happy Monday! I know you all have been waiting for photos from NYFW. Honestly, I had a good time in New York. It was crazy going to shows back-to-back. I feel like every time I go to NYC I come back with fashion inspiration. The fashion was on point a lot of earth tones, sequins, and micro florals for this coming fall. These are some of the trends I wouldn't mind incorborating in my wardrobe!!!!!!

I'm totally into bringing back the menswear with the long maxi skirts it has a sophisticated appeal! I know I would wear to work menswear blazer and the matchy-matchy tailored sets it makes you look put together without trying to hard!?!?! Let's not forget the liquid silver trend it brings an disco feel but it's so fun and edgy.  Go long or go home with extra long sleeves are so 80's I'm loving the flared or bell sleeves it's good to add a different flare to your look instead of wearing a tailored button-up top. Some of the pieces of the runway I couldn't wear but key pieces you really can add to wardrobe. Remember it's all about adding to your wardrobe instead of being a trendy bee!?!?! 

I was able to do a video in NYC so check it out coming to you tomorrow!
Thursday, August 25, 2016


Photos by: Carlton Hart 
Forever 21: Skirt 
H&M: Top & Jacket 
JustFab: Pumps  & Clutch
NYS Collection: Sunnies
NYX Cosmetics: Lip 

Hello Happy Thursday!!!! Today is all about neutral colors white and creams. Although, I tend to wear black...I feel clean when I wear light colors!!!! The key is to mix white and off white to intentionally bring this look together. As I think about it, maybe I should wear these colors more often. These colors just make this look come to life!!! 

How do you wear your white and creams looks? 

 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png
Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Calvin Klein: Jumpsuit 
Zara: Cape 
Shoemint: Shoes 
H&M: Clutch 
NYS Collection: Sunnies  
NYX Cosmetics: Lip color 

Hello Happy Thursday, It's been hard for me to find that perfect jumpsuit. You have to keep these 3 things in mind, when finding that perfect jumpsuit:

#1 FIT: I'm all about wearing what flatters you. I think it's important to wear a jumpsuit that's not too tight. You have some room to breathe. I've worn a jean jumpsuit, I felt like I was going to bust out of the jumpsuit...the minute I stepped out of my house. Always wear what fits you! or F.IT.S on ME!!! Hehehe! 

#2 PATTERN: I like a nice pattern that can be complimented with a blazer, jean jacket, or like me a cape that fits perfectly over this jumpsuit. Its all about pairing it with pieces that can be worn many different ways!!!! 

#3 FABRIC: I need fabric that stretches, this jumpsuit is the most comfortable due to the fabric. I literally can wear this jumpsuit everyday. It makes me feel good when I wear it to work or even happy hour!!!!!

So now buy your jumpsuit using this method...you will sure love wearing your jumpsuit all day long!!!!...well except when you have to go to the bathroom...hehehehe!!!!

 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png
Thursday, August 4, 2016


Photo by: Carlton Hart 
H&M: White Top
Vintage: Jacket
Loft: Jeans 
Justfab: Shoes 
NYS Collection: Sunnies 
NYX Cosmetics: Nude Lip 
Jeans are a necessity a must-have in your life. I absolutely love the jean trend especially jean-on-jean. It just makes your look more edgy and put together. Most people like me wear different color jean top or pants to make their look more complimentary. It just so intentional to wear the opposite jean color oppose to the same jean color. Definitely try to mix it up with pairing light jean pants with a dark jean top or vice versa. 

See you next time!?!?!

 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png
Tuesday, July 26, 2016



SheIn: Off the Shoulder Top
Banana Republic: Skirt 
JustFab: Booties 
NYS Collection: Sunnies 

Happy Wednesday! I remember the time, I use to wear off the shoulder tops. And my silly self gave my off the shoulder top donated to A Wider Circle. I guess someone is getting back into the trend like myself. 

I was searching for the best off the shoulder to be paired with my black skirt. I have to say this striped blue top works perfectly. Definitely wear the off the shoulder like any kind of top if pairing with a black skirt. I didn't think I could pull it off ....as I say "just go with confidence any pretty much anyone can pull off this off the shoulder look"!!! 

What do you think of the off the shoulder look? 

 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png